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The category was created we clicked the little thumbnail area and it looks similar to this right up here so they click that little area to add an image to our icon and this is the thumbnail that everyone’s going to see in your shopping cart as the category header OK so again this is just the image here and the title is right here okay now we can change with. (more…)

Planning Is So Famous, But Why?

That I need to meet with this young lady or something unique that I’m doing and no doubt I Think I’ll be setting out to North Carolina in seven days not this week but rather one week from now next Monday flying out back okay folks I am back home for the day and in spite of the fact that I’m back home that doesn’t mean my work is done more often than not I’m on my PC accomplishing something posted via web-based networking media despite everything i’m similar to constantly sort of working.

since web-based social networking is it’s all day and all night it never stops so at the present time I’m home I Really need to take a shot at my site since that is recently been something that I’m truly been truly tamped up for cuss I can hardly wait to like at last dispatch my site to you folks and I’ve been chipping away at something new which is computerized items I’m so eager to dispatch you’re new to my channel I utilize Square space to make my site they have layouts that make it truly simple to make a site.

so on the off chance that you go to my site at the present time it will state under development I have this module where one of my recordings fly up and a video begins playing so you get a little look into my life however you don’t generally know it says Lemma colored pencil so you’ll see me yet you can’t really get into my webpage at this moment since it’s under development and I’m taking a shot at it so I Decided to totally not totally but rather for the most part approve I chose to change my site and utilize an alternate format from Square space and this is the layout that I’m utilizing on Square space So.

Every layout appears to be unique and has an alternate vibe yet I truly like the format of this now a few people think that its difficult to see a format and after that imagine what their site would look like yet I Really delighted in that it had blog entries at the best which it doesn’t need to be blog entry you can put whatever you need in that spot I truly like this little board it has another board like that down here I truly like that with the catches what that looks like the tail us you can connect to your Instagram on here um you have a subscribe page for the mailing.