You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Denver Party Rentals.

The category was created we clicked the little thumbnail area and it looks similar to this right up here so they click that little area to add an image to our icon and this is the thumbnail that everyone’s going to see in your shopping cart as the category header OK so again this is just the image here and the title is right here okay now we can change with.

denver party rentals

This first drop-down category style we can Denver Party Rentals change what these look like and you’ll see that quite a few here so maybe we don’t want it to be a box maybe we want it to be a circle image with a title so when I click that look at that I change to a circle say very simple and again.

One Tells You About Denver Party Rentals

we have the title showing maybe I want it to be a boxed image with no title up top so remove that text and so what some people do is they’ll use a graphic like this that has the category title just like that so they don’t need the title up here if you’re going to use an image may be just like.

This guy here without the text in it then that’s a good time to have those titles showing okay so we can go back to box to images with title so again we see we’ve got the box around it that’s what the boxed image is and then the title up here on the top and then the image if.

Denver Party Rentals Will Look Like In 10 Years Time

we just want the image only with a title on top or without that’s what these guys are for so actual image is just going to get give us the image and you’ll notice that that title is gone because its image only image with titles there you go so you’ve got your image there with.

The title so you may not want that white box around it and you may just want your image and again if you don’t have the text of what the category is on the image you can use this one with title to show the title right there and what the title is is the name of the category so when.