Portable Printers An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

portable printers

That’s good for pairs sequence type various different ones stop are you so that’s just good you want to the sex seven eight nine ten eleven twelve we can obviously put your own text in there and tell it to clear the text but let’s just go with that.

So here we see it is the set band that we requested and you got your numbers and put it as shown that’s your punch down block one feature this printer has over eight other printers on the market and its competitors is Wi-Fi capabilities now one set up the Wi-Fi can easily be switched on.

And off using the button down here but you can also switch it off and on in and configure it in the menu by choosing WLAN and go into network mode here we see we have direct and infrastructure mode by choosing direct mode there is no Wi-Fi router required.

You just connect directly to mobile device wherever you are with infrastructure mode you connect to a local Wi-Fi hotspot the benefit of doing this is your mobile device still has internet capabilities this is where you can download templates on the fly from the I print and label app the app is free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store be aware if you’re using an iPad you need to go to the iPhone store there is also other apps available including transfer Express.

And the cable label tool okay so we got the printer connected to the phone through the Wi-Fi and we are ready to go ahead so this is the printer label app we can choose a simple label so going to quickly do so thanks mil tapers in that it’s not so we’re going to press this button here and we’ll check media there we go media detected it knows it’s mil teeth in there now.

So we’re going to just type in labels n looks good might change the font face let’s choose a lantern looks nice maybe drop the size down a little bit return to our and make it bold okay I’m gonna put the size up a little up to I’m happy.

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